Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This wound here would never heal

Hello people.
Woke up really early today cause relatives from china are visiting. And mum wants to take them to KL. Yeap, I know its been a while since I've been there. Decided to tag along.
Those relatives of mine, or not exactly mine. Their like my grandma's family sort of thing.
You've guessed it. Their all old people.
Maybe you'll think they'd probably bore me out of my skull.
But I'm quite content with walking on my own. :)
Didn't take much pictures from the top cause the view is all the same.
But its still breathtaking isn't it?

There used to be a really LONG fountain all the way to the tower.
But guess what.. People are greedy.
And they tore it down and built a really tacky winter land thingi.
Its really stupid. I mean seriously.
It does not look even close to a winter land.
People and their money filled minds.

Went to the mini zoo.
Actually it should be called reptile zoo.
There are lots of reptiles in there.
And maybe a bird or two.
And some monkeys.
And a nearly insane racoon.
And to be exact, four rabbit like guinea pig.
And my favourite, the mute parrot. :)

Oh, I saw Datuk Azalina too.

If you don't know who that is, its the menteri sukan belia.

Polly wants a cracker??

Arabian self dancing snake.

I think their some sort of alligator turtle.

A gecko!!

Can you spot the green snake?

The racoon who wouldn't stand still.
It feels like pocahontas all over again.

Frog pancake anyone?

Yes, its bigger then my arm. About the size of my fists.

The diameter of this snake is about the size of my head.
And no I'm not exxagerating.

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