Saturday, March 14, 2009


He talks.
The guy actually talks.
Well, besides conversing with teacher.
Today at tuition, I was mentally calculating on how people make friends.
Does it start with a hi or some stupid random question.
And how to un-awkward-ise the situation.
He spoke.... in chinese.
About exams.
And asked what school I was from.
Trying not to hinder away from the sudden random conversation.
I replied.
Yes, it was certainly a sudden move.
And then I thought of what I should say the next time we meet.
But when I left, I realised we wouldn't be seeing each other again.
He goes for the afternoon class and I attend the morning session.
And suddenly, I felt like knowing a little more of him.
It's a wonder how someone just suddenly comes into your life and walks out again.
Uncanny isn't it.
The more I thought about it, I realised that....
Everything comes once.
Whether it was a chance or an opportunity.
Or a certain someone who will maybe change your life forever.
I guess we'll never know right.
Always take chances.
And worry less about the consequences.
Because these things will not come again.

And when I see him again.
I'll definately know what to do.
I'll risk taking chances.
After all, what have I got to lose? :)

Oh yes, and about the leadership one day course today.
Well, interesting and boring sums up the whole thing.
Need I to explain a little further?
Imagine yourself at school with a phone.
Thats how it was like.

Haih, at least I'll get a certificate for wasting half of my morning. :)

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