Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Was that not enough for you?

Today is a Tuesday. Which means episode 20 is coming out.
Oh JOY!!!

Yesterday was a really crazy day. I can't even find the proper words to describe it.
It was funny, stupid, lame, weird, noisy... and more.
Let me start with my story.
Friday, planned to go to HELP's talent dinner thingi. But theres Terry's tuition.
So decided to go to another session which is on Thursday.
But theres Mr.Yeoh's physics on Thursday.
So decided to go to Monday night session.
And hence, WALAH!! Me and Wen Dee ended up going to the SS2 market right after my malay tuition. We just realised that the stuff there isn't all that.
Maybe thats because we walk around the whole market 5 times. Or at least 5 times.
Took half an hour to decide on what to eat.
So, ended up buying bubble tea and ShihLin wannabe Uncle Bob's chicken.
Wen Dee and I wanted to buy AhLiShan but the line was uber long.
We went to another store and the line was equally long.
But there weren't anybody at both Uncle Bob's store.
So we made a conclusion that... the chicken was poisoned.
Maybe it was cuz when we got back to tuition, Wen Dee and I couldn't stop giggling.
Don't ask me why. It was puzzling.

Oh and then theres Wen Dee's so called forbidden pleasure on crossing the road.
You'd probably never want to cross any road with her.

And that concludes my day. Or my monday at least. :)
P.S I saw her sitting her with that stupid dulan face.
And I thought that she was all that.
Sissy dulan swearing baby.
I guess I will never understand guys.

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