Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cause you're my everything

Gwen is still currently obsessed with BOF. Its already the second last episode. NO!!!
Gwen is currently obsessed with making coloured clay bows. :)
Don't know what that is. See pictures below.

Anyway, I am still stressing over writing stupid SPM permission letters.
And the banner competition is next WEDNESDAY!!!
Its four friggin hours. I'd probably slip into zombie mode while painting the thing.
And and... I don't know what to do for the family day booth. ARGH!
Somebody please help me.
I am considering the thought of having fortune-telling.
Maybe it will work.
Love life, thats what the majority of girl students will probably would die to find out.
The Green Mango presents: *drum rolls*
Madame Tshilaba and Madame Lyubitshka *says it with an air of mystery*
( seeker of knowledge) ( reader of love )
I swear I did not made those names up. :)
Anyhow, will be very very busy this week finishing the family day booth stuff and yes, sivic project.... Then there's that banner competition and poster competition coming soon.
I feel like a massive headache coming up.

And this is dedicated to the one and only Gay Kay Why ( yong kar yee).
Who is the gayest of them all. :)
Who has finally turned seventeen this year.
Have a great birthday this year. Not that SPM is so much of a great year anyway.

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