Friday, March 13, 2009

Sit quietly through this hollow night

I've finally reached episode 17 and currently am waiting for the subbed version of the next episode.
How I wish I knew korean. Hahaa.
Anyway, theres that one day leadership camp thingi tomorrow.
Probably gonna sit there and start growing fungus.
All five layers of them.
Yes, fungus.
Maybe by the end of the day, we'll all look like trees. :)
7 hours. Its definately gonna be a loooooong day.
Well, I'm prepared.
Lock and load people.

if this could just be but a dream
to be closed behind this little seam
if greed was just a different thing
these long bleak notes quietly sing

another long dark gloomy day
holding on to threads that fray
a little less sorrow, a little more hope
a different strength just to cope

Twilight spoof.
its funny.

gone away these illusions that have stayed
the thread that bonded the past have frayed
what was there that could have been said
in the past where memories laid

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