Tuesday, June 14, 2011

dragon heart

hey there !

I know it's been awhile since I blogged about my last post.
Have been so caught up with events lately I have no time to blog at all.
With Monin practices and assessments and internship things to settle going on and on and on,
it's a wonder how some people are still hyper everyday.

For the past two weeks I've been having practices and practices and more practices on perfecting my drink for the competition. Then there's the final assessments coming up too.

Went up to Broga Hill one day during a weekday and managed to come back in time for classes too.
Almost got caught up with a disciplinary problem when we had a miscommunication when we had to skip practical class for pre-judge tasting.
Followed by trips to KL and Cheras and Hoofed and Taman Tun.
And then a recent trip up Genting for some fresh air and then back down to Trop mall for a night movie.

It's one after another. And things are getting so much more exciting.
Pictures will be up soon though once I retrieve them.

So here's one to entertain you first.
It's called the Dragon Heart.

Taste the mythical sweetness of the dragonfruit and the peach that infuses this dream like flavour. 
This oriental drink will fill your palate with a minty sweetness that reminds you of the cool breeze on a winter’s day in china. The infusion of lemon, wild mint and peach enhances the delicious sweetness of an exotic asian fruit that just might bring your taste buds to new heights.

until then peeps. 
I'm just too tired to think right now. 

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