Sunday, June 5, 2011

photoshoot and shoes !

Hey guys, here's a peep to my baby !

Went de-stress shopping today after an extremely long week.
And I'm sure that week is not ending soon !
yikes !
Was a little disappointed because I actually wanted a nude suede pump.
But of course, good shoes don't sit on their shelve for too long. 

Anyway, pictures from last week. 
Had relatives coming over from Penang. 
Didn't spend saturday with them but I did spend Sunday with them before they left. 

So what did I do at college on a saturday?
Was there fully clad in uniform for a photoshoot.
Not the model fabulous-ish kind of photoshoot, but more of a text book one.
Yes, we're taking S.O.P photos. How boring.
Hey, at least the younger generation will know that's me !

Last kitchen class from last week. 

Absolutely love Chef Azura. Best chef ever so far.

During photoshoot session.

 Tried to cheat with slippers !

Yes, the rest of the baboons were goofing off in the bar. 

blood orange with coconut.
refreshing !

More shopping coming up soon !!!!!
Till then beloved readers !

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