Friday, April 30, 2010

a movie script ending

Another much less tiring day.
Am still working hard on my masterplan. It seems harder than I thought it would.
I was never more determined to bring someone down.
But I am doing it for good. :)

I will isolate her. And ruin her.
And take away everything companion she has.
My plan has GOT TO WORK.
Okay, I'm not THAT cruel. But I really really hate her.

Anyways, had front desk lessons today.
The lecturer seem really really nice.
Not liking the taking out shoes part, and also the assignments part.

Housekeeping classroom

The housekeeping suite was half classroom half hotel room.
It was so damn freaking cool!
On half was the queen size bed and the opposite of it was two single size bed.
And a sofa and table in the middle.
Then the other half is the classroom with chairs and projector.
Behind the chairs is a glass toilet with shampoo and all.
Me pretty butterfly ring.

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