Sunday, April 4, 2010

I'm so much more than a song, whose lyrics are just another pile of words above each other

Hello !
Am almost dead tired on my feet now.

Decided after all to go to Joe Ian's thing at curve.
Did not actually realised that it was his birthday today. Hahaa.
Had cocktails and shooter and desserts and a salad.
Talked and laughed like a maniac all through the evening.

I pranked Wen Dee today.
She was going to be late for the thing and I pretended that I was stoning there alone.
But she ended up there earlier than me.
Well, it was not much of a prank but she laughed along and so I did.

Joe Ian almost got drunk.
ALMOST. But we failed to do so.
He had two shooters. :)

WenDee slept over!!! wheeeee.
Talked and talked till 3a.m. in the morning.
I can never have sleepovers without depriving people of sleep. :)
She has been telling me that she was staying over and I thought her parents were coming really really late. It was a good joke.

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