Thursday, April 22, 2010

why are you still searching, as if I'm not enough

Had a very long day today.
I'm so exhauster to the point that I do not want to blog today. :)
But nevertheless to NOT FAIL my non-existing readers,
I will still blog despite my failing arms.

Had more lectures at college today about college life. blah blah blah.
Seems real exciting but I know the excitement will eventually fade.

Timetable and grouping will be done tomorrow.
Hope I can get into first or second class. :)

Anyway, my phone DIED on me today.
And taylor's just so happen to not have PAYPHONES and CLOCKS.
( not everyone can afford a phone and a watch okay! )
Was lost for two hours and a half.

Panicked the whole time because I was afraid they couldn't find me.
I actually thought they went home without me.

Hunted around the whole college and was desperate enough to borrow the office phone.
Luckily, I remembered Wenyi's number.
Today was a seriously long day.
Ran out of places to hide and eventually found a corner at the student admission office.
Was disturbed by a bunch of lala students earlier and ran out.

I know now how being homeless felt like.
Will promise to help the homeless more in the future. :D

Until then, pictures will be up tomorrow.
Phone has officially died.
Stay tuned readers. :)

owh, and I absolutely love tenth avenue north. *big smiless*

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