Wednesday, April 21, 2010

if the truth means nothing to you, what am I suppose to do

Hello. :)
After I came back from college today, I literally dropped dead in my bed.
Well, after I had my McDs. haha

Anyway, today was an insanely looooong day.
There were a few awkward moments at first.
I'm not really good at making friends.
But at least I know some people now, but their all from culinary arts.
Don't know anyone from hospitality, yet.

Sat for the english placement test.
The listening part was hard.
When you are filling in the answers, they start speaking the answers to another question.
Was lost all too many times.
And the campus was HUGE. And I meant that literally.
Had trouble finding my way around the place.

The library itself has four floors. Haha.
Yes, I am totally overwhelmed by the size of the campus.

We got to taking out ID pictures and measuring our uniforms.
I like them mandarin shirts. :)
The shoes are just too horrible to describe.
We have vests, kitchen jackets, mandarin shirts, restaurant pants, and kitchen pants.
That is a whole lot of uniform.

Another day tomorrow people.
I'll be super exhausted by the end of the week.

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