Wednesday, April 7, 2010

of skies and suns and wonderful things

For those who missed out on ice-skating today:
Here is a summary.

-woke up early to get ready for yinky to come.
-waited two hours because she had to fetch chee foong.
-off to sunway.
-met up with fook weng and ji shawn.
-went skating.
-legs hurt like shit. (damn my legs are getting bigger)
-failed to ice-skate properly although that was my third time there.
-saw two people bleed on the ice. (one on the head and the other on the knee)
-pro people with pro skating shoes were swooshing around.
-failed to learn how to brake on the ice.
-failed to skate smoothly without having people to stand in my way.

And thats about it.

Had my fair share of fun on the ice, though my legs were friggin painful.

I thought about some stuff on the ice:
-first was definately to concentrate on NOT falling.
-second was to concentrate on NOT falling when people swoosh by.
-third was to concentrate on NOT falling onto other people.

So that sums up my day. :)
Getting my contacts tomorrow. and my phone back soon.
Driving amali this Saturday with Ming. I hate to go back to that place.

Till then. :) Ciao Bella

I seriously admire you people that play the guitar.
Its so friggin hard to learn.

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