Friday, April 16, 2010

The worst memories always stick with us, and the nice ones always slip away

Went to Sunway AGAIN for ice-skating with Yinky.
Left in car with Yinky, Tak Kwin and Fook Weng.

Had the usual bicker over Yinky's driving. It never gets old.

Finally reached there and ice-skated. :)
Hao Min and Gwyneth came along too.
And so did Yinky's other friends.

Skate boots didn't felt as painful as before. Secret?
Wear two sizes larger. :)
Was too lazy to squeeze my leg into the boot.

Ice rink was not crowded as usual. A few people swishing here and there.
I could actually brake. well, not on time.
But it was good enough.

Random jokes by the DJ:
what is the smartest bus? School bus.
Why? because it's the only bus that went to school. -_-"

what is the world's biggest burger? Burger King. -_-"""

Went to Kayu to yumcha before getting home. The freaking horlicks cost me RM2.20 !
You guys can seriously do some daytime robbery. Its not like the place is SUPER fancy also.
Eesh ! i got conned by mamak people.

after that:
Getting squished in the car with three other people, and a driver who brakes and release and brakes and release, thus resulting in jerking the car to the beat of the roaring music: not good

Got home round 6 and went to 1u for dinner. Had bbq chicken. AGAIN. (I like traditions) :)
Legs were starting to kill me. ouchhh !

Saw Chee Foong walking alone in 1u. Hahaa.

And so here I am rambling to myself and thinking about today. :D
College is starting next week people. can't wait!

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