Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tell me your secrets and ask me your questions

Hello Hello
Finally got my schedule after a nerve wrecking long wait.
It felt like waiting for SPM results, just to know what group I'm being place in.

Had a crazy day with Suhaila and Claire. :)
Walked round the whole campus like a bunch of crazy high school leavers.
I could actually take a whiff of my future.
And I am happy.
I really do feel like I belong in where I am now.

Anyway, schedules are all different each week.
Am gonna have a big problem with transport soon.
At least I have day offs. :D

Attended the same survival talk again like the one in Hartamas.
I actually went to smell the pepper spray this time.
My nose hurt like shit and my eyes watered like mad.
Eesh. It still stings. I was coughing all the way out. HAHA

So thats about it. My class starts on monday.
See ya toots.

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