Saturday, April 10, 2010

I'll be the one who makes you shine like the sun

seriously, people are you THAT BORED?
I am totally going to defend her because I think she is a genius.
Her stories filled the empty gap between reality and fairytales, and somehow I feel that her words are so close to what we all feel now.
I know I know, people always complain about how whiney Bella is and Edward is toooo perfect.
Bella is A person. She is who she is, a character in a book. So why so much criticism.
The truth is, Bella is very much alike most of us.
The only difference is that she is so devoted to her love that she wouldn't let go.
She knows that if letting go would be losing " the truest of true love".
That's how Meyer would phrase it.

Though there are no vampires in this world, but the love they've shared do exist.

So stop all those stupid criticism. If its so stupid don't read it then.
And keep your words to yourself. No one wants to hear it.
Loving her books doesn't make you childish or whatever.
Its just another love story we know we wouldn't have.

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