Thursday, April 29, 2010

I think I had a taste of perfection

Hello people. I'm here again. Waiting for another seven hours until class starts. So this is going to be a loooooong post. NO complains right.

Am torn between two events happening this saturday. Reunion with old friends at Sunway, or girly talk sessions with Juat Lee. I miss her so so much ! But I have promised Juat I'll be there first and besides, I don't have any transport to sunway anyway. :(

Soooooo, my first driving lesson begins this Sunday for three long hours. Mum was aghast, she said "nobody drives for three hours unless they go melaka and go round melaka and drive back again"
I don't really look forward to learning how to drive with a stranger next to me. ALONE. Its scary. I wonder how you other people can cope. I want Ming to learn with me.

Anyways, hold up. My ramblings haven't stop yet. College is literally killing me. I haven't found someone I can really talk to, and my groupmates are quiet as hell. I think they are more to the kind that sticks to themselves in their own small group. I'm lonely like mad, and it feel like a really long time since the last that I have been so so happy.

I yearn for someone to laugh with really loudly, and to be comfortable with. Everything is so awkward and I really am not sure what to do. Luck is not on my side this time. I miss my Hartamas friends more and more.

I hate her I absolutely hate her eventhough she has doe nothing wrong to me. She just gets on my every last nerve and I'm just not happy with that. Life is truly not fair. I have been praying so hard, and yet ill fate still befalls me. She thinks she's so funny with her damn sarcastic comments, and she thinks she knows every answer to every question. SHUT UP. I feel like screaming to her. and GET OUT. Be sure she takes her GUY FRIEND with her too. The annoying duo. URGH.

For two years I'm going to be stuck with her. And for two years I'm going to be with them. So might as well make it worth the time. Two years can be very very long. Honestly, I hope things will get better soon. Cause, I miss laughing with my friends and go insane.

I'm a really funny person and I absolutely love to laugh.
I think thats the best hobby in the world.
I'm heart ached because I miss everyone back in school and my old college.
But would I rick my future just so I could laugh everyday?

Its a really long post. Writing just keeps me going on and on.
So happy reading people and bore yourself to death with my stories.

Till then, taa.

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