Wednesday, April 28, 2010

our shadows searching in the light

my maid knitted it for me

ooooh. :)
I feel real smart in it.
Apparently I'm not all THAT fat okay people.
I have been assigned to wear XS size n it fits nicely.
So stop saying I'm fat. :)

Was super tired yesterday and today.
Took my typhoid jab thingi today with Suhaila.
The whole hall was empty except for some nurses and a few supervisors from student central.
Was laughing like a mad woman because we didn't bring money for the jab.

And after we took the jab, we were laughing again.
The nurse were smiling after us cause we look so damn crazy. :)

Anyways, hang around until we are called to the hall for uniform collection.
Don't you just LOVE uniforms? <3

Took uniforms went to centrepoint for baskin robbins.
(its pink day, apparently I didnt know that)

Ate, went home and slept.
and tomorrow will be another day all over again. Till then.

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