Monday, June 30, 2008

The notes

I want to know whats going on, everythings is being concealed from me. All those once familiar faces have now put on a mask to seal all emotions beneath. Its always like this no matter how much I try to adapt to the new changes. I guess I'm not and never will be a part of who I try to be. It all not true, just lies. Its like suddenly the whole world is turning onto me. I've got a few more months ahead of me.... could I still remain sane for the rest of my journey? I guess now, all I could hold on to is to concentrate on everything else.

The notes all make up a song. And the song is played by the pianist. And at first, everything was going smoothly as the pianist tries to put the piece together. And through time, the piece is completed. And the pianist is having the time of his life playing the song to everybody who wants to share his pride and joy. Then, the piece starts to fall away. Its demand was getting lesser. The song was never played properly as it once was.The pianist will stumble ober each keys bringing pain to each notes played. And as the piece starts to sound even worst, the pianist stop playing the piece altogether. And the song was never again brought up to play anymore as the pianist moves on to another new song.

A part of lifes journey ahead of all of us................

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