Monday, June 2, 2008

I'm backkkk

Feeling a little bimbotic
Hello?? Done with tuitions for the day, today that is. Then there is always tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. I sound like Shakespeare don't I?? okayy.... Planning to stay up late as usual.. Have only like 6 more days to do that.. sob.sob. Feeling down in the dumps. I was feeling a little high-spirited this afternoon so I went out to buy yarn... Do they resemble anything?? If you are smart you will know instantly. Nyways, will probably be working at my surprise tonight.. =] Oh yaa, I went to SS2 market just now, was raining and the air was really humid. Saw really funny people dressed in their own funny way... Clothes...urgghh. If I win like a million bucks, the first place I rush off to is the market. Its like a maze in there. Where you can find little treasures yourself...

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