Friday, June 13, 2008


Cheer poses for The Star newspaper for Cheer 2008
The things we gived up ....
I've now found my reason for not staying back with them all the time.
The lost feeling, the missing part of being in that team is always coming back.
My reason to feel sad all the time. I've given up one thing I've always wanted to do.
All the time I remininsce the times where we enjoyed ourselves and laugh through practices together.
Where we were always late for practices and got punished together
The times where we groan and moan through sit-ups and bananas together.
And when we all fall from the stunt, we care about each other.
We stood by each other and had fun during competition.
And when we had our moments of tears together..
Comforting each one like our own sisters
And though sometimes in a way, I didn't felt part of the team
And in some way, I wasn't being in on the scoops with others.
But still nonetheless, a team will forever remain a team
Another ripped out part of me to care for

Tham's really cute Elmo.. lols

Lai Yee's half work of art =]

Me and my silly obsessions with Ballet slippers lately. In fact it just started this afternoon

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