Thursday, June 5, 2008

Glistening fire

Overdose of boredom. Result:No moments too great
No moments to bold
Their all a crave
And all to cold

The journey through
With some untaken
Left none to move
On the path that glisten

Memories brought back
All seemed to different
Some just lack
That little movement

The abundance of breeze
And the cool soft air
Makes everything cease
To even care

So hear me by
The soft sweet melody
That tempting treaty
But unreal yet empty

Such atroscious acts
Went unpunished and unsaid
It wasn't the severe fact
Several things lack

Darkened brow with evil eyes
Could never seem to meet my fate
Though these shadows sigh and pry
I kept secrets undertake

Leave the beauty
The venomed curse
Arouse such pleasure to see
The concealed thirst

And on the mask boldly imprinted
With sequins and gems and shiny papers
But behind what you shall see created
Creatures of the damp rolling in wetness

Hear whisper talk
For its ours to listen
Leave your heart unlock
And others forsaken

Into creating little meaningless poem again. I'm bored yes I am. Was suppose to go 1u with Yam Pey today. I really needed to go out but something came up so I shall not elaborate any further. 6p class having reunion again and I can't go... sob sob. Ohh well.. Yesterday was horrible horrible. The price of petrol was going up again so everyone rushed to pump petrol. It like mayhem out there. Lines were so long. I took nearly an hour to go to tuition and to go home. OMG!!! So, today I will be spending my day in tuition and tuition. the boredom.
More surprises!!

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