Monday, June 23, 2008

Need more worrying?

I'm sorry people for not being any more efficient than I am....
I'm sorry for bothering those people who wasn't involved with it but had to....
I'm sorry for causing all the unnecessary worries....

Eff the stupid com *especially the internet* it doesn't seem to be working well these days.
I'm now ever more determined to get that printer. =)

I seem to get irate very often these days, especially with my mum. Ruined mornings of mine with little fights and screamings. I feel heavy with each passing day causing more worries for myself. Losing weight in the process?? hahaa. Guess not. Everything just starts to pile up day by day. Every useless words and meaningless riddles just gets to me. The going-ons are passing quick and I can't catch them. Not one. Will I eventually catch up with the words spoken?

Layout is not complete yet people... haih.. No longer am in control of everything. Its all a big blank blur to me.
Oh and an early Birthday to Ashleywie =)
Told you I'd be the first to wish you.
Happy Sweet Sixteen !!!!

Gwen, when will you ever learn to give up?

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