Sunday, June 15, 2008

For a certain someone

look in the sky for just abit
and do you see the vast size of it
its endless clouds stretched over and over
to bring more hopes towards the future

though you stay strong with a broken heart
you still wouldn't let her part
you held on to memories with her lingering presence
time just never seemed to be the essence

you keep a smile upon your face
and hide all trace of sadness in grace
you just never seem to make haste
of disappearing without a trace

the coloured stars strung on the table
was left for her but just unable
to tell her how much you really cared
but left your face for her to marred

you stupid idiot why can't you leave
that painful act of what it seem
its time to move and cease all sufferings
and look upon new great happenings

if you love something, let it be free

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