Friday, June 6, 2008

She besought him, for his Soul's sake to speak the truth

Getting into my little poem days again...

This summer has gone
And autumn is near
Time has really flown
Over the year

And I look back
To see my path
The one with tracks
My own journey past

And I remember
Some things left etched
The memories in December
And words uncatched

And I remember
The things I loved
Of ribbons and powder
And dresses different colour

And I remininsce
The forlorned times
Where time was the essence
Of shiny cold dimes

Such blue skies
Are so unreal
Like a portrait cries
But left there still

So notorious
Were once the thought
And so curious
The way they fought

Bring back the time
Turn it around
Mistakes unsign
Without a sound

Such deep affections
For ones warm heart
Do leave a caption
Right on the hearth

My secrets untold
And unspoken off
When are the times cold
With voices so soft

Will it be right
To say what you knew
But conceal that part
That horrendous news

I want to say
Everything I could
But so was the pay
The price I gave too

I never want
To ever regret
The things I shun
So I won't feel sad

I keep it close
And hide it away
I never want to change
Everything's way

The things I keep
And thoughts I sealed
To fight the deed
And make it unreal

The reality of a dream
Was all I could reach
But it all just seem
An illusion to beseech

So here I stay
Awaiting the day
With memories kept at bay
And so will time may

Btw, sorry Yinky I could't go with you to the Summer Splash though I very much wanted to go too.. Eesh, what wrong timing. Dad's birthday had to be tomorrow..too

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