Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Back from tuiton and did have my usual dinner..
Ohh yyaa tuition...funny funny story
Lets see, it was raining friggin heavily and I was wearing my newly washed jeans... So, my mum went to pick up Wen and it was like getting heavier by the minute.. So we picked up Wen and my mum went like "should I go straight? Where are we going ahh??" Okayy maybe a second of amnesia. Reached designated destination and the horror begins. Fumbled about the car for umbrella. Wen opened her small umbrella and opened the gate for me. Was holding my leather bag, and three boxes of biscuits..URRR It just HAD to rain at that moment. damn it. *cursing*
Nyways, open the car door and the damn wind blew at my face and my pants soaked up all the rain water.. Yes I did fold it up. Was being all clumsy about carrying the umbrella in one hand and three boxes of biscuits and my bag on the other. Mum had to park at the side...EESH. Its like a river beneath me. Went splashing about all the way to the gate and then yea... my teacher's house roof is like some big waterfall. The roof was slanting down outwards so the rain water come pouring down in big klumps... All I could was walk through and get soaked.. Then finally I reach the door. I was never happier to see a door in my whole life.. Bloody rain.. eeesh.
We went up to the room and turn on the air-con full blast despite the cold rain outside.. We sat for like 5 minutes I wanted to go out to buy candayy.Wen followed me out too. Why would still want to go out in that blasted rain..I don't know. Crazy instincts maybe..... Off we went in the rain...OMG.. The absolute horror. Stooopie rain... Wen's whole back was like drenched wet by the rain and my jeans just got even heavier. Walked passed the car workshop and had pervs whistling at us. Wen was like grumbling something about punching them..hahaa. Bought food then out again.wheee * laughs sarcastically* I told Wen to close her umbrella and share mine cause her umbrella was small and it didn't much shield her from the horrible rain. Holding umbrella and food, we walked back. It wasn't as bad at that time, but the "river" was still there. I felt like I was carrying barbells on each of my feet. Soo heavy..*grunt grunt* Reaching the gate there goes the stooopie "waterfall" again. ppffft. Give us a break.. Walked through, got drenched and freezed our butts to death back in the room. Yea and tuition started.. So theres my story on the absolutely horrible horrible bloodyy stoopie rain.

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