Sunday, June 22, 2008

Get your cheer on!!!

20 days countdown to cheer
I've been on one whole week without tv. Can you believe it?? So busy friggin studyin bio these days. Got to catch up with my add maths too. Trouble getting to SS2 to get materials to make more poms-poms. Hope the promotion thing for cheer 08 is working out. Can you believe its cheer 08 already. It feels like yesterday when I was out there skipping classes to practice for the upcoming cheer 07. Now, all I do is sit by the stands and wish them all the best. =] Ohhh and I'm addicted to Graham Masterton. Don't know who he is. He is the author of the most gruesome murders and fairytales stories. Highly Addictive. Though I recommend you not to read while eating and before sleeping. Such a gripping novel. Yet, has parts of chills and tremors..
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The world once round has now evolved
Into somewhat unknown and unsolved
The petty dimension I was once in
Has now chnaged altogether unseen
My life was now some sort of game
In desperate ways I had to claim
The part where I was not the pawn
But the player who threw the dice on the board drawn
Everyones in a game I don't understand
With their own codes in their hands
And as they push their pawns on steps
With belligerent acts and loud taps
Was I too petty and unimportant
To be the force that caused the pawn's movement
With wily artful minds holding the front
Impetous attitudes just wants to win the run
So the game is played with feats of endurance
Of valiant players ever so cumbersome
With stroked of luck I could be withdrawn
And placed back alone with empty old songs

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