Sunday, June 1, 2008

Armour girl

I guess I'm gonna start my book reading marathon again. There is just nothing to do and I ended up playing barbie games last night online.. Now you see how desperate I am... Barbie games at this age..haha. Though I still kinda miss playing them. XD Oh ya, and then there is this story bout this armour girl whose story is very similar to someone... There was this girl who makes armour for the royal family. The prince was always going for battles so he visited the armoury all the time. And one day, the girl happened to be at the armoury making new armour. He saw what beautiful eyes she had and her dark brown hair floated about her face. She was at hard work slaying through the fire and the armour. He went up to her and made conversation. Her voice was soft like the gentle breeze. He should know better than to tallk to a humble servant working at the armoury when he was engaged to a princess from the North. But he was lonely and he had no one to talk to in the castle. Everyone was always pacing around busy with unfinished work. He went to the armoury everyday and everytime he had to talk to her and watch her work. Sometimes, he would teach her how to handle a sword. Then one day, the princess from the North came to visit her fiance before the wedding. He saw her in her shimmering long dress and golden ringlets framed her angelic face. She has beautiful smooth skin that just seems to glow. Her eyes were a deep blue-green that made him to want to look at it forever. She was indeed very beautiful, and what a princess should be. he instantly forgot about the girl in the armoury and never went back there anymore. She was used and when done with, forgotten. Her heart broke. He left with the princess to her palace int he North and never spoke to armour girl anymore. She was just his girl for the moment until he found another. She disappeared in the night one day and was never found again...

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