Monday, June 2, 2008

Its two am

Hahaa I'm still awake. Its amazing. Now I'm just busy annoying people. My specialty, what I do best.. =]
Playing with personality tests right now. I'm down right bored to the bone.
Do you know that my american name is Angela Renee King?? lols
I am still torn between choosing to give up or still go on. I don't know if my hopes are still up high anymore. I guess what happened before shall all turn into a dream and not recalled anymore. How much longer do I have to wait or am I just being let down and played all along. I don't know and I don't know. I can probably say I don't know all night long. Everyone tells me a different thing. Who should I listen to..Majority?? My instincts are just blind when I need them most... URGHH

You Are a White Flower
A white flower tends to represent purity, simple beauty, and modesty.At times, you are dignified like a magnolia.And at other times, you represent great ecstasy, like a white orchid.And more than you wish, you're a little boastful, like a white hydrangea.

Its 2.30am.... And i'm still awake..wheeeee

Your Noble British Name Is: ( just bored)
Lady Caitlin Josephine Ironside

Your Heart is Feeling Broken
Your heart is pretty much destroyed right now, and it's hard for you to think of anything else.You are in deep despair, and sometimes it feels like you will never love again.Your hear may be at its lowest point right now. Things can only get better from here.Deep down, your heart is susceptible to: Being swept away by the wrong personYour current outlook on love: You find yourself wondering if love is ever worth itYour love life will improve if you: Take a lot of steps back. You're in no shape to fall in love right now.Watch out for: Anyone who may try to take advantage of your fragile state.

Your Mind is 64% Cluttered
Your mind is quite cluttered. And like most clutter, it's a bunch of crap you don't need.Try writing down your worst problems and fears. And then put them out of your mind for a while.

I wanna scream my heart out and say everything kept inside. how much longer can you keep them.
Yes I conceal too many things from everyone.

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