Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The call

It started out as a feeling
Which then turn into a hope
Which then turn into a quiet thought
Which then turn into a quiet word
And then that word grew louder and louder
Till it was about to cry
I'll come back when you call me
No need to say goodbye

Me and my random babblings or more of a ramblings... Dad has left and mum has went out to some friend's house. I'm bored and I have absolutely nothing to do. I think when I'm emo, I will have more interesting things to write. Ohh well. I've sort of composed a poem randomly. But I think its quite interesting.... =]

The stinging smell of sulphur
Mixed with a tad of butter
Can be such an intriguing taste
For those who hesitates,

And the trees all huddle by
To hear your thoughts through bitter's eye
They feel your pain and moan and say
Such sorrow never felt so grey,

Silhouette veils cover the night
And dawn upon such pretty sight
The longing of one scorched the heart
Such desire abide ones own part,

Hear the heavens blow such breeze
All the dew scatter and was seized
A mighty warrior came from the clouds
To win ones heart he never endowed,

Mighty warrior so bold and loud
Had to grant his father's crowd
To fight a dragon with scales so green
And marry the princess to be his queen

My liege was strong and tough should be
He fought all through that none could see
The little thoughts of past and present
And the mark his love gave a soft white crescent,

He slashed and thrashed through his way
A princess' heart was to crave
In the moment of longing and past
He came to pay for what he lust,

She sat upon her cold hard throne
Seizing each day with a groan
Her soft hair framed such angelic face
Never a beauty would surface,

Another maiden waited desolated
She was sad, forlorn and hated
The warrior she'd loved and wanted
For he left her unwillingly strangered,

The love she had was deprived of her youth
Time had eaten all of the truth
There was none left unspoken of
All was gone wasted and unsolved,

The maiden pattered down the corridors
Daintily made her way pass the moors
She cut the princess with such force
Her blood pooled the palace walls,

She screamed at her you useless pig
All you do is sit and wait
And groan and moan and whine and kicked
While I gave him my love and life all traded,

Sweet maiden held her blade
She ran through the forest gate
And on a marble chair she sat
She grieved and sorrowed and was sad,

The moon light gleamed on her soft fair skin
Her thoughts all wandered was cold and flint
She struck with force into her chest
And there she laid and finally rest,

The warrior came within the palace walls
And saw the princess dead on the floor
He ran out into the night just to find
The other maiden he thought would be fine,

And then he paused to see such beauty
Gleamed under the moon upon cold daisies
He wept and know what he truly loved
But was too late to save what he could,

Mighty warrior unlatched his sword
He drank poison in which he poured
He laid beside his loving maiden
And sealed their fate once and for all.

The forest beings saw what become of them
They crept closer and saw what went
Soft rain poured and sorrowed for
The warrior and the maiden who never came thro,

And night dawned upon those two
One noble the other fought and flew
Dark mist swirled above their heads
Now they will be together by made,

Hard rock sprouted from the ground
And covered them with a crown
A mausoleum with them inside
Separated the harsh cruel world outside,

And to this day their love is strong
Though the warrior deed was wrong
The heavens glowed their eyes on them
The two noble lovers whose story had come to an end

by Gwen

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