Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Drained of emptiness

Once too often can drain you of everything just very suddenly. Feeling so angry all the time about everything there is. Have I become the insane amongst the sanity? And the anger amongst all peace? And the fire above the water. Everything that I felt confident off was just swept away so suddenly, like the pool of sunlight being drained by the unwanted fog, dark and musky. All of my inspirations are gone.

I can see that Blitzerz are really progressing well in their stunts. They should keep it that way. Really hope they will do better this year.

I lost my favourite necklace from mum. *omg* I feel really lost and parted with it. Okay I know that I'm exaggerating a little but its true. I want it back so badly.

The sunlight that gilded through the thick fog was nothing but streams of it and barely noticeable. Its once glorious light has now turned into somewhat cloud of dust and nothing more. Where has its garnished beauty gone to? Its light is what brought on hope and dreams, ambitions and honour. The golden ball of light shines down on the ground and cast a million tiny fragments of glass that blinds the most great seeing sight. And to show that nothing was impossible to find, and of great expectations. I have yet to find my inspirations back to create work unknown to others but secretly hidden for oneself to enjoy.

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