Sunday, June 22, 2008

Its exactly 12.14.31 a.m

People, as you know tomorrow theres school and obviously it be really cool if you stay up really late. But not for me, no thank you. I'm know I'm lame or whatsoever cuz I need to sleep early CUZ theres school tomorrow!!!! eesh. Wondering why am I still online?? Yes well, I have no idea of what pictures for the layout (thats been rejected) and I'm still thinking of who to call at this friggin hour to print pictures so we don't have to rush tomorrow. Being considerate? Yes I am. Thank God mummy was sleepy and had to go to bed so I could use the com. If anybody manages to read this before Monday, please do not laugh at my extremely huge eye bags cuz I don't have any foundation to cover them. I know I'm being fecking stupid but she was busy the whole day worrying bout the layout and finding people to print and photoshop and yada yada. So, yes being the saint that I am decide to sneakily use the com to find pics.(next time tell me earlier kay? ) Then, my stoopieed hotmail died on me.. I hate the internet... Yes my dad has just fixed the modem and sometimes its not working well. So.... yea, thats my sad story. And now, for a moment I'm stoning here wondering if the pictures are enough to use tomorrow. You know what, what could be a better sixteenth birthday present than a printer and photoshop software. Stupid wish right.? But if you were in my place, you would wish for the same thing too.

So today is Monday, since its well after 12..
19 days more to cheer 2008
Sorry people for calling you at this hour of the night.. Thanks for being so considerate.. =]

Btw, I'm a little afraid of going downstairs in the dark because it seems that I'm the only person that is still awake in this house and I need to put back the house phone. So much for livid imaginations. I feel the chillc in my spine. *squeaks* mummy??

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