Thursday, May 1, 2008

The end of everything, a fitting ending to all that once started anew

Trust, something that must be built and earned greatly. Trust is all above others. And I trusted, but somehow, someoe betrayed that trust of mine, the trust that she has earned from me now taken away. If you really want to know, I have ended everything. He is no more what I onced long for. It is all over, a fitting ending like what I've said. He no longer conquers my mind and no longer earns what I owe. I will keep to myself and a clean cut is done. His presence does not linger in my mind, no longer. His image will not haunt me in my dreams anymore. Its all over. I will no go back from whence my life was. No one will be placed before my eyes, and nothing will make me stray from what I have decided. I may not be tough, but I don't care. I may not be able to fight for what I want , but that matters not, for I am done with it. Why should I burden myself with these feelings that will never progress. Why should I hurt mydelf deeply and go against what I stood for. No more. And i will find the one whom has betrayed the very trust earned hard from me, for I do not simply trust someone, or anyone for that matter.

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Davida said...

Thanks for writing this.