Thursday, May 29, 2008

What i didnt' know about

Went to physics tuition after all. Guess my stubborness just won't stay stubborn. Nyways, I just realized that my tuition is like some soap opera with teacher teaching in the background. There were people constantly crying over how they miss their boyfriend or how their boyfriend dump them or basically gossiping bout each others girlfriends. Its kinda weird in a really funny way. I'm so bored bout listening teacher droning in the background bout stupid springs and their elasticity. I mean, who would actually sit down and study spring?? It sooo pointless. How long can spring pull, its limit, how much weight can it carry and yada yada. So I think I was busy doodling away bout the other people who were whining bout their boyfriends. "Can you believe he did that, I mean like Oh my god" , " Ya I know he is so sweeeeet" , "He like gave me......." , "Ya I like friggin miss him so much and he hasn't even reply me, I like texted him 10 times already" , "Ya he is like soooo different and i sooooo love him" .................. And it just goes on and on and on... LOL. Its kinda interesting actually listening to their dilemma. And the way they whine and pout their lips as they talk. Especially this girl who like wears sleeveless everytime to tuition and extremely high heels. I think she was the only one who like wasn't bothered by the cold. Then there was this other girl who keeps taking pictures of everyone in the tuition with her phone. I happen to just left my jacket so "conveniently" and I was like freezing my ass off. OMG,,, Its like genting in there I tell you without the clouds and the mist...yeap. So thats about sums up my day...

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