Saturday, May 24, 2008

Faith is all I've ever needed.

Went to watch Prince Caspian with Ai Ni and the movie seriously rocked balls!!!! It was totally awesome. Sat in the seat for two whole friggin hours and 15 minutes. Enjoyed the movie except for the part where this stupid girl behind me kept kicking my chair and talking non stop... URGH... that was so friggin irritating. .... Today was some sort of girl bonding time with Lim Ai Ni. Haven't laugh that much in months. I'm glad I was still my old self again. LOLs. I'm leaving for Penang tomorrow. Don't know whether I should feel excited like I usually do. Feels like i have nothing left to do during the holidays besides thinking bout certain stuff and yes, I know I'm crazy but I plan to do add maths dring the hols. Practice makes perfect.. =]

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