Thursday, May 29, 2008

my holidays

Went to Penang which was mentioned earlier but there wasn't much to blog about tho except the part where I went to moonlight bay and ate at a hotel there by the beach.. It was amazing. The view was simply fantastic. Got to ride on a horse round the beach tho. Didn't really enjoy the ride cu I was busy trying not to fall off sitting behind kim. The steady rhythmn of the horse was all I felt and the wind in my face. Okay it can get quite irritating sometimes, my hair. Will plan to do something bout it. Played by the beach and my jeans got soaked..Ended up getting scolded by mum. Forgot to wear my shorts. LOL. There were like a bunch of negros singing are you ready or something like that. And then there was this guy who was so self-absorbed in making his own sandcastle. People were either busy soaking in the sea water of para sailing. It was quite cool tho, wish I could go but didn't have on the proper attire. The waves were quite high that day and it was nearly sunset. My mum was busy admiring the mat sallehs who could afford to stay in the hotel by the beach. Rich asses..sob sob.... Will stay there one day just you wait. OOOhh did I mentioned the toilets. they were so extravagant. With all the posh mirrors and paintings and framed precious stones. Luckily the toilet seat wasn't like made out of gold or something. My mum's brother-in-law
Dad was acting all bimbo-ish bout me taking his pictures...=]
My cousin's son, Kenneth adorable
The horse I rode on..I think it was called Queenzy or something..
Hello my dear shoes!!! Will never have to suffer in heels anymore. that part where I twisted my ankle still gives me the creeps......heels are torture...gettin a lil melodramatic... =]

Forgot to mention that I went to Ghee hiang to buy their famous dragon ball biscuit.( tau sar pneah) Mum said during her time it was like 5 pieces for 10 sens and 10 pieces for 15 sens. cool huh?? and now it costs like 40 sens per piece. Netherless, it taste so good..mmm. Ohh and the penang hawker stall at night is fabulous. Okay maybe the sitting outside on the street isn't exactly posh but the food was the best. I love their har mee and wan tan mee. Oh and also their unbra juice which you can only get in penang... haha. I'm blessed with a hometown filled with good food.

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