Tuesday, May 6, 2008

the guilt deep within myself

I confess cuz thats what you want me to do right? Admit that I'm wrong. Yes I admit that I'm wrong. I went out somewhere without your permission, but the thing is that I lied to you. You thought that You could trust me but you can't can you? I felt guilty at first. Yes it's my fault that I went out somewhere without your permission. But you had to tell the whole world. ya, tell the whole world what I've done. Now I'm doing you a favour aren't I? I'm practically telling the whole world. I felt really bad when you called and I spilled my guts out. Its not Whitney's fault or Yinky's, whats there to be disappointed in them? I don't get you, they can go out let them be la. I somehow feel lost now. I dont know should I feel bad or angry, cuz I'm feeling so bloody friggin angry right now. Yea tell dad and all your collegues. Tell them your daughter is bad and a disappointment. Tell them I'm stupid and useless and not worth caring for. Yes, I'm guilty and feel bad for disappointing you. I don't even know what got into me. Why did I just walk out of the house like that and just leave. You tell me that if I just go out and get raped one day then its my fault. Are you saying that you want it to happen? I'm not going alone or sitting in some stranger's car. So what if I did get kidnap? Will you stay home and say ya its her fault, she got herself into this. So, you're saying I'm a sweet mouth and what i say are all lies. I dont know. i dont know anything at all. I dont wan to hear anything anymore. I will just probably do what you want me to do. Wallow myself in guilt and just kill myself out of desperation.
I'm sorry for lying and you have all the reason to doubt what i say. I deserve nothing from you and you should never trust me anymore. I'm done. I wished I had gone to school and none of this would have happened. You think that all of this was being planned out from the beginning but no. I tell you its not.

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