Thursday, May 29, 2008

I know you just can't get enough of me

Times can sometimes be a little bit slower than I thought. I just can't wait to look forward to Wenyi's party. =] Got physics tuition tonight but I really really dont want to go. I'm being really whiney right now to my mother. I'm being so stubborn bout not going. Nobody's going and I'm serious bout that. Everyones on a holiday and besides, he's doing revision for those schools that haven't finish their exams yet. I'm bored and did I mentioned that my sister is wearing braces right now.. hahaha she can't say missisipi right...She is now known as my metal mouth sister..LOL.... Okayy now I maybe crapping cuz I'm bored and stubborn as a stone and just refuse to go to tuition. yerr... I'm so freakin lazy. haha. Pretend I didn't admit that.... Just over- bored...urgh. Still itching to go out with my friends. I shall wait patiently tomorrow. Now, should I still go tuition or not.

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