Friday, May 30, 2008

Heyya peeps

Scrumptious ice-cream for dessert
Yum seng-ing
Happy sweet sixteen woman!!! Chocolate banana surprise..yummm
cold prawn with salad..
Do you see the blood???
5 people actually shared half a corn, can you believe it??
Can you tell that one of us is extremely happy??
Candid posers =]
Best of buddies Cheers!!!
There I told you bout candid posers...xp
Woman on a mission
Just came back from Wen's birthday "party". Well it was a blast. Not in that big grand kind off way but small and amongst ourselves. Was kind off disappointed cause it was suppose to be like a really big and grand and everything, but in the end more than ten people turned down to only five people. Netherless, I still had fun so I hope birthday girl did. =] Nyways, the day it self didn't out as fun as I hoped it would be but in the opposite. In fact, the day started out real ugly. I was pissing off real bad cuz of something I rather not mention. Oh well, getting on. I went straight to 1u after art class. The things I On the way there, I was pissing off again and then went to watch movie. My mood sort of lifted a little while watching. I was boiling the whole time.. URRGHH..... Watched Prince Caspian again. Can't seem to get enough of magic and Ben Barnes... =] Didn't really like the ending though. Wish it would end the way I wanted it too. The whole time, I was thinking about something. Little thoughts of mine again. I do pray sooo damn hard. After movie then we went to Jack's place after much deciding and pushing and " I don't know"s and "anything"s and "up to you"s.......Xi Ning managed to show up and surprised Wenyi and you should see her reaction. The first thing she did was like "OOOOII" *points finger* hahahaha... It was damn funny. So yea, off we went to have our dinner. We were torn again by deciding what to order...haha. Then the drama goes again, "up to you" , "anything larrr" , "I don't know"...haha. So after much "arguing" we decided on some cheese sticky rice thingi and meat. We called for medium rare so when the meat came there was a little blood oozing out when Yue Qi cut it.. we were like... eewweee, blood. Okayy, wait that came from me...haha. We practically shared everything, how caring. Then Ai Ni and Yue Qi and I rushed out to buy Wen's cake. We were like running and panting all the way back and when we reached the restaurant I was inhaling deeply and trying to act like I didn't run, which worked great.. xp. me and Yue Qi kept lauhging bout the lao sai thingi and pangsai and kanasai.. haha. She and her camp jokes. I was laughing so hard my throat ached. I've had a greaty time being my oldself again.. The part where I never had to worry bout anything and just be happy all I want without having people to judge me. I laugh all I want and just be myself, the way I like it to be. I think our table probably turned many heads cuz we were laughing away and singing happy birthday at the top of our voices.. I had fun doing that. Pictures were taken and memories were made. The story of narnia with prince caspian is still lingering in my mind, thinking if all of those were true and there was magic. Oh ya, Wen pointed out a flaw in the show I've never noticed. If you watch closely the part where the white witch rise again, she said that all she needed was a drop of Adam's son's blood. Then they cut him with the dagger, so why don't they just drip the blood on the dagger onto the witch's hand.. Damn funny. I never realised that before but now I do.. lol. Guess I was just so absorbed with what was happening in the movie. Will go back to watch it again. I just absolutely lurrve that show. Then dinner, took pictures and everybody went home.. And then drama started in the car again... I sometmes just can't stand it anymore and just want to blow up but I kept my temper down and tried to concentrate on other things. Toleration and the things I had to go through. So now I'm home and typing away on my computer, do look out for the MY word infront. kayy fine its not totally mine but shared wiith my sis. And thats about today...

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