Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Its you I cant live without

Went to penang and came back this morning. Will blog bout it tomorrow though. Still kinda lazy. There are so many things to write about and yet they all just come together and make me confuse all over again. I just can't seem to express myself in words like I used to. Everything is such a blur to me. I could not think of what may become of me but all i could think about is the past. How i wish i could still linger there a little while linger and wrap myself with things that I want to stay with forever. All I want is to go back to those days where i was most happy. Why don't you just grant that small tiny wish of mine. It isn't that hard to do. here I am struggling to get over it and go back from whence I came but you came and mess it up all over again. i don't know if that should be a relief for me because I could never forget you. I want everything to be the way they use to be for me. I'm still walking down that same old road deluding myself and refraining myself from going crazy. I am so crazy about you. Meeting you, just meeting you was like the beat thing thats ever EVER happenend to me. You've somehow brought light back to my once dark life. I could never bring myself to forget you. And though you were too perfect to be true, I still hope. Maybe you've realised it and maybe you don't. But I could never care about that anymore. I have never been so sure of myself. Maybe I'm not sure about myself but I am definitely sure about what i want and ever wanted. you .

Tell me where the rainbow is
Could you still give me back my wish
Why is the sky so silent

And all of the clouds are running to somewhere else
Is there a mask for me?
Recalling too much of the past can accomplish nothing
Perhaps time is a kind of antidote
And also the first poison I'm taking right now
If I could not see your smile, how can I sleep well
Your silhouette voice is so close to me, yet I cannot embrace it
Without the earth, the sun will still go round
Without reasons, I still can walk alone
I know that if you want to leave, its easy for you
You said dependence was our obstacle
Eventhough we're not together, but will you still accept my love

Assuming that I'm the last to understand everything

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