Saturday, May 17, 2008

My kind of days

Exams are soo screwed, okayy maybe it wouldn't be all that bad if I just put another extra hardwork into it. Teacher's day was lets put it that way- interesting. The teachers were like singing and Pengetua was busy catching students talking. A women with who uses both her organs at the same time...amazing. LOL. I think that the pengetua damn dulan us already, we kept complaining bout the sun. But its true, they expect us to just sit under the hot sun while the teachers get their gifts......??? Then there was the big "BOOM" sound. Kinda wish that someone got hurt in the process, especially pengetua!!! She was being so rude and racist, calling us biadab and our parents not raising us right.... Anyways, we got back to our exams later on and went home with a small memory of teachers day at SMKBUD(4).

I still can't seem to leave the past behind me. I just keep standing there wondering and floating about. Why do changes seemed so drastic when it doesn't affect many people in the process? Only me. If only they would notice the changes and try to decipher my emotions that are changing too. I can't be left alone to think of things that would hurt me deeply though these thoughts were once something i would love to recall. Now it all just seems useless now. Its all part of a game of fate. I can't do anything anymore but just follow the game. Am I given the chance or giving the chance?? Nothing just seems right to me anymore. Everything I do just brings up the past even more often. Just face the fact that I can't and may not get over it.

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