Saturday, May 10, 2008

I dwelled endlessly on the past, trying to escape the emptiness that wouldn't go away

I know and I've tried my hardest. But now, all I want is things to quiet down. Now, I'm being left along to figure out whats going on.
Went to the library with Wen today and did Biology and add maths. Exams are coming and I can only say one thing bout chem...It sux!!! Okayy fine. maybe its cuz I didn't study hard I will try my best.. =]
Sometimes, I wonder when I'm alone. I wonder about present happenings and some certain people. And when I wake up each morning, I try hard to recall my dreams cuz they are what I want to think or want or wish to happen most. My subconcious mind just drifts off to somewhere and show me what I deeply long to see. Then, only will I know what I want most.
I've recently read a novel by Nicholas Sparks called, Dear John. It is a touching love story of two people who couldn't be together though they were a match made in heaven. And then, I sat on my bed and wonder... well, at least they have each other and they know that they love one another. Better than loving someone, but knowing that you will never be the one that someone loves. Its just a thought that some how lingers around me. But still, I will always hope for the best.

Such a funny thing, the way fate works. Sometimes it turns out the way you always want it to be, sometimes it don't. But it doesn't matter cuz you can create fate too!!! BTW, ppl... tomorrow is mother's day, get her something or make her something!!! =]

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Anonymous said...

hey you beautiful dreamer,
I ran thru' some of your blogs. They're beautiful, amazing & wonderfully well writen.. Not many are able to expressed their inner thoughts in words of art. I think you're a great writer in your own way. Tho' I'm not in your age group, I'm taken & smitten by your journey in your young & mysterious life..You're blessed & gifted, don't let anthing gets in your way.
xoxo, Lene