Friday, May 9, 2008

I've learned to move on

I was so busy thinking bout myself that I forgot what you've done for me. You were always there when I needed you most. Never forgetting to lend me a shoulder when I was down or in the blues. Its my fault that I was so caught up with myself that I've placed you in the shadows, never knowing what you wanted. Give me a chance to prove myself and let my shoulders be yours to lie on. Thank you for everything, I love you!!!! You rock my world.

Things doesn't last long do they... I've been there and back and it wasn't worth anything at all. Suddenly everything comes to a halt, leaving you to sit there and wonder...And in the process, hurting yourself. Knowing that this will happen, why do they still go after it? Why? because love is a beautiful and wonderful thing. The special bond shared between two people is not one that could be found everywhere. And though I may be hurt to be the one putting everything in a risk while the other side never does anything at all, I have learned from that.
It isn't what she does and will never try,
It isn't worth the word goodbye.
It isn't worth the tears fallen at night,
And it isn't worth the hurt felt inside.

Oh and yea, i will never forget the wonderful Chin Sue Zen who has turned 16 last Wednesday.
Hugs for you and good luck in everything you do... xp
HAPPY SWEET SIXTEEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chin Sue Zen
You're the bomb.. And you know that..smiles

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