Sunday, May 18, 2008

Feathers and Sequins

Is it just another illusion to cover the horrible truths from everyone? Of how disastrous the world has become, Of how horrible everything good and innocent can end up to be. We are all the victims of time and how much longer can we remain that way. I'm going crazy trying to put everything behind me and move on. Will I even feel better that way? The wound inflicted is too deep, left unheal and unclosed. I can only fool myself for so long. The illusions won't last and eventually go away, leaving me to wonder did any of this existed at all. Could any of this have even existed. Were our lives meant to put it that way, ending up in pain and sorrow? No, there may be people who were lucky and never have to live like this. We have to try to make the best out of everything thats happens to us. After all, we can only live once.

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