Saturday, May 3, 2008

Where the dream takes you

Where do these dreams of mine take me?? A place to soar, without hesitation? A place where sorrow is banned and lives come anew?? That will be a glimpse of heaven.
Did my T-shirt printing yesterday and it was awesome, everything turned out right.. Thanks a bunch to the greatest artist ever lee joe ian. haha.
Was having a camera war with lai yee but i'm lazy to post all the pther really really weird pictures down....dats me...lazy lazy
Lai yee's muffin print..cute
I made blueberry cupcakes the other day with a lil help from my maid... Didn't make much. was actually a little experiment and it tasted real good. In the end , my fathere ate nearly all of them..lols

Sights in KL

Whitney's burfday gift, which was a few "years" old already.. lazy to post..XP

A cake made out of sweets, awesome ehh??

Its time to sit down and think of all that came to past, and all that is about to come. Stay strong and never give up, someone once told me and reminded me again. Am I being too weak now, and not once before? When it will be my turn will I hold on to that chance that comes by? Will I be that lucky girl I hoped for long and before long? Cherishing and enjoying that microsecond moment given. The shining parts of my lives and all the unsignificance of it makes it worth the while. Cause I know now who will truly be there when I fall. I'm sorry guys if I'ved changed but you will know somehow, the way i think and learn and heal too. I'm glad to know I have someone to talk to and listen too. Am I too weak to let go?

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