Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The dreams she dreamt

This is a little something from me, a little part of a big story.

The dreams she dreamt, of blue skies with streaks of pink. And painted butterflies dotted the horizon. Her dreams of which she'd kept to herself. Her pain that she cries at night didn't have anyone to understand. She was left alone to think of unsightly thoughts. Her sweet memories given tortured her now, as they seem to loom above and around her. She stared at the fireplace, watching intently as the red dancers prickled at the logs. The cold does not bother her anymore, the warmth glow of the fire could not give her the comfort she needed so badly. And she couldn't cry fro her tears had dried during those long sleepless nights. Recovering was a slow and painful process she had to go through. She grabbed her cloak and went out into the cold moonlit night. the breeze of December bit at her nose, yet she felt nothing. He meant to her more than life itself, and each day that passed her by crushed her harder. She was falling apart as the world she once created crumble infront of her eyes. She walked towards the verandah and sat down, and closed her eyes. Was it a slip of fate that caused all of this, was it unintentional?? She thought life was once a beautiful mask garnished with feathers and sequins, but behind that mask hid and ugly face. She was decieved. Confusion circled her as she thought of which path to take. She couldn't just move on like that. No. He was too important to her. She stood up slowly, clutching her cloak close to her. She descended the steps to the house and walked to the garden. The sounds of the bubbling fountain filled the night. She closed her eyes and started dancing, she could feel herself in his arms again. Her feet lightly paced the garden floor as she twirled and smiled. He held her arm and her waist, then did the waltz. She could breathe in his musky scent that reminded her of fields of lavenders. He then held her close to him and buried his face in her neck. He whispered goodbye and disappeared into the night. She opened her eyes and realised that she was crying. She was finally letting her feelings flow after many many painful days. She lifted the skirts of her deep red dress and sat by the fountain. She could still feel him close to her. It was just so hard to let go. she basked in the cool adn fresh air and sighed. She felt for her locket at her neck and held it tightly. It was the only thing that reminded her everything she felt existed, he existed, besides her fading memory. The locket clicked open and she layed her eyes upon a photograph of a young and happy girl in the arms of a young man. They were happy and in love with each other, she couldn't believe that was her in the picture. Her heart ached, and she was deeply wounded. How could fate be so cruel, she deserved better in life. She took out the pin that held her hair up and let her shiny black ringlets fall to her shoulders. She cast the pin aside along with her cloak. She then stood up and walked into the fountain. The waters spurted put and landed on her red dress. Slowly, she laid down and let the waters close above her. Now, her pain would finally be at ease.

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