Saturday, April 26, 2008

Will you still stay with me when fire engulves me whole

My name is on the
me and ky

I cleaned the house for moral kerja amal...hahaa can you believe it..

I don't understand what is goin on..Why is everything such a blur and why can't it just be in black and white...Things are just not what they meant to be are they. All the talk and gossips behind backs that may be true and some may not be what they seem. Being soft and following what other people do is what I've always been doing..And still in the end, If anyone knew at all..I'm being pulled down in that deep deep hole too. Monstrous lies and schemes that didn't have any good intentions at all seems to find their way around. Will I eventually come out to the surface or be buried by the lies that weigh upon me. Because all I hear are soft whispers that follows the wind....I hover nearby and yet I still can't hear it anymore clearly. The mist is a wall only I can't seem to penetrate.

Many things have been going on lately and then there exams too..... OMG....I seriously am burdened by everything. Would anyone lift it off for me.. I'm still happy bout one thing though, Its fate I know, because it links everything in this world to me.

I've falled for you, deeply...but would you fall for me???

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