Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Didn't expect what it was suppose to be

I love the song stranger by hilary duff..

Yesterday there was lightning and thunder... the electricity terputus like 5 times. In the end, my mum just ask us to leave the lights off and light the candles....A candlelight dinner...interesting.
Went with KY to ou after school today and yea, going out with her was do you put it interesting. Had lunch at ou then went to OSC or so its called and met up with some other interesting people.. I'm shocked with what I saw. Really I am. And I felt afraid because for once I was with them. I don't whether what I'm doing was right or wrong, or even what I was about to do. Now I only understood what little mishaps in life can lead to. Am I willing to take the risk of what others had once done. Will I be able to control myself once it starts taking over. I wish I knew how. Slowly, I'm being pulled down with them. I must stay strong. Or at least I must. Now the question haunts me. Should I go with them? Or should I stay where I am standing now.
How far will I go for him. How deep will I fall just for him. Is he worth it?? I dont know anymore.

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