Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bittersweet Angel

Being bitter about it yet sweet at the same time. The envy I felt all the time can't even measure up to all the times I felt so happy in my life. I wanna fight for it but i just can't stand being pushed down and down. I can't stand rejection at all. Maybe thats why I just can't let myself get closer to anyone. It hurts. I envy too much, compared too much, complained too much...and yet not seeing the wonderful things I have with me right now. I have good friends I hang about with, I'm having the time of my life being with people I feel free with. I'm happy with the people who makes me more confident in myself and not pushing me down in a nice manner. I'm getting so sick of myself being so low all the time. Its about time I be a little more daring. And stand up for what I want to. It's finally about time I stop thinking so lowly of myself and step up a little higher. yes some people are born luckier than me, good looks, great personality...... but I just realized today that there is a small flaw in everybody that I have never noticed because I was soo busy envying them. That little flaw is what makes us all human. And I have to learn to be happy and stay with that little flaw of mine.
Btw, a little message to Whitney: I dare not sleep alone anymore. I keep asking my sister to sleep with me...hahaa. So scared. Great imagination I have don't I. =)
haih..back on todayyy,.....the pengetua has finally gone over her head. Our school's wonderful annual event has finally changed. From night to afternoon on a weekday ( Thursday) from 2 to 5. There will only be one or two modern dance performance and everybody is fighting for it. Pengetua as I would like to refer as the green goldfish, is stupid and reallt pathetic, thinking of all the lame excuses like caring for our safety. bloody hell. what is her freakin problem...damn it. Then what else is in that small mind of hers...arranging bus for us to get there after school wearing school uniform?? hahaa.. how much more creative can she can get...
heehee...I'm getting a hunch

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