Saturday, April 5, 2008

I'll give it one more try

I'm soo happiee lately hahaa.. you know why?? well I think i will rather like to keep that to myself though. Me and my little thoughts. So if you see me laughing discreetly to myself, I'm not crazy yet kayy. I'm just enveloping myself in what I would like to think about. can be so unpredictable. I'm proud to say that I have encountered a feeling that I have never felt before, and through that I have never felt more happier in my sad sad life. =) haih. Wanna know what I was feeling..well I told you that I rather keep them to myself..hehee. If what I dreamed would just happen then my life would be so perfect. But hahaa, i know that it will never ever happen to me. Though I know deep within myself that what ever that occurs involve what I think then i am content already. haih, life's little things can really get to me. It's true i'm sentimental. Well that is what according to some astrologists say. Leos can be very sentimental.
I guess that explains me alot. =) well. Tonight is Euphoria concert and I'm not going cuz I rather envelope myself in my thoughts that i love so much to think about... XD Who says I can't dream.

Cute?? me and my sis on my 7th birthday..lols

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