Saturday, April 19, 2008

I know you're there, but do you know I'm here

Did something wrong and sinful but i will NEVER attempt do it again.

Yesterday was Jaz's birthday, we ( ky, whitney, hao min, yinky, and me) bought him cuppacakes from wondermilk. If you're lucky to try's awesome... Anyways, we splashed him with gallons of water after skool. XD hope you enjoyed it!!! HAPPY SWEET SIXTEENTH BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Being quite happy and high these few days because something that has never occured to me happened. And somehow I fell much lightheaded and happier. I look forward to it everyday when I wake up and open my eyes. Whitney finally knows about it and Yinky too so i won't have to be so guiltily hiding it from them anymore. Whitney, please don't tell. =) Never felt happier before. Now I know how is it like. The little things I could ever do and those thoughts around. Its just so wonderful. And, he happens to play it my way too.. haha. I'm so happy and i will say it again. I'M SO HAPPIEE. Tonight is Whitney's birthday bash. Can't wait to go. Tonight is going to be the best night ever... By the way, I found RM 50 on the way to McD.. Hahahaha

=) Though you may be with someone else, knowing you is a blessing for me.

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